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right now at 5:00, although it doesn't change, the presidential election, it's finally official. the final vote count from florida is in, and we'll show you who won and just how close it was. also, please have an update on the search for main who was suspected of killing his wife in the south bay. we'll have the latest on that. and a major swing in the weather helped create a messy morning for some people on the peninsula. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the rain may be gone, but the chilly conditions continue in the bay area. we had a second straight night of freezing temperatures. and just days after hitting those record highs, remember? meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with a look what's going on. >> we were talking about this last weekend. we'd seen this extreme pattern shift for the bay area going from record highs, temperatures in the 80s. you can see the jet stream looking like this earlier in the
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week and switching into the con figuration we see now. you felt it outside today. these temperatures we're seeing right now, close to today's high temperatures if you want to call it that. as the skies remain clear overnight and the dry air settles in, we have frost advisories mainly across the north bay valleys. we'll see low 30s. mid 30s around fairfield into concord. out by the tri-valley, you'll see some mid 30s and low to mid 30s from morgan hill towards gilroy. it's a reminder as we get into this time of year as the frost advisories up through 8:00 tomorrow morning to bring in your pets. protect the temperature sensitive plants and the jute door pipes through 8:00 tomorrow morning. our weather pattern does include more opportunities for rain. we're going to let you know if that will impact the rest of our veterans day weekend plans in a
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few minutes. >> the cold temperatures apparently played a role in a water main break in pal totality to this morning. the water flooded at least one home. monte francis is live for us with more on that. hello. >> good evening. temperatures reached the near freezing mark overnight. it was apparently the rapid change in temperature that caused that eight-inch water main to burst. things are back to normal. a matter of hours ago, it was a very different story. water ras rushing the streets and many homeowners spent the early morning hours watching crews fix the broken pipe. it burst on newell road between channing avenue and embarcadero road. we talked to a man who lives there this morning. >> water rose maybe half an inch in part of the house. we're going to resolve that issue and kind of -- kind of went on. right to you they're drying everything out.
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>> there's no word on how much damage was done to the home. crews dug up and took out the damaged pipe and replaced it with a new section of pipe and water service was restored to residents at 11:30 this morning. this could be an issue for other neighborhoods across the bay area. the sudden change in temperature can pose a risk to some pipes that are already in need of repair. live in pal totality toe tonight, monte francis. >> thank you, monty. and we have new information on the in the search for a killer in the south bay. police san jose found the body of troy nosenzo this afternoon, the day after police say he killed his wife. officers say they found him in his car parked on the side of the road on highway 129 south of gilroy. they believe he committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. his wife, tra tricia nosenzo was found dead yesterday in the couple's home in san jose. they did say someone called 911 around 5:30 in the morning and
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then hung up. troy and patricia had been married for 27 years. family members say they had been going through marital problems but nothing they thought would lead to this. the oakland raiders are in baltimore preparing for tomorrow's game against the ravens and they'll play with heavy hearst. a defensive line coach's son died. terrell williams' 4-year-old son tyson suddenly became sick and died last night at oakland children's hospital. the head coach dennis allen released a statement today saying "we're all deeply saddened by the passing of tyson son and our deepest sympathies go out to terrell and his entire family." the coaching staff will share the workload in his absence allowing him as much time as he needs before returning to the team. we doe have more now on the presidential election. it is official. president barack obama can claim victory in florida. the state finally finished counting all the votes today and declared president obama the winner.
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florida election officials say the president carried 50% of the vote to mitt romney's 49.1%. a difference of about 74,000 votes. the president, of course, had enough electoral votes to win re-election on tuesday without florida. but moving florida into the blue column now increases the president's electoral vote to 332 compared to romney's 236. president obama's inauguration is two months away now. four years ago, it was the most widely attended ever. this time around, there may not be as many people but some are hoping to still cash in. sue marry stone has the latest. >> exciting. >> amy london plans to respect her one-bedroom apartment just three blocks from the white house for as much as $5,000 during inauguration weekend. >> i happen to share it because i will be somewhere else and still there for the excitement. >> 1.8 million people attended the excitement during the president's historic
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inauguration in 2009. tourism officials tell me this time around, the economic impact could be tens of millions of dollars. >> i believe it will have the same level of excitement. >> hector torres is the general manager at the beacon hotel in northwest d.c. it has already reserved 50 rooms in just three days. when obama won a second term. >> the next day the phones were literally off the hook. obviously a lot of people asking for availability. >> hotel occupicy was 98% in 2009's inauguration and average daily rate was $600. >> we're expecting 110%. >> manager clint jackson expects a full house at georgia brown's. >> the people have been actually calling the staunt since it the election has already been over. >> reporter: while businesses around town prepare to cash in, amy london's crossing her fingers. if she doesn't get the five grand. >> $3,000 i'm hoping.
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exciting. >> the presidential inauguration, by the way, is scheduled for monday, january 21st, which is also the public holiday for the birth day of martin luther king. just days after the presidential election, the supreme court announced it will review a key part of the voting rights act. the justices agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to the part of the landmark act that requires 16 states with a history of discrimination in voting to get federal approval before making any changes in the way those states hold lakeses. well, the justices say they will look at whether that provision is outdated annan fair since the voting rights act was put into place more than 40 years ago. and coming up next at 5:00, more fallout from the scandal involving general david petraeus. we'll show you how the nba discovered the fair that ended his tenure. also, breaking ground in the south bay on a memorial aimed at those who served and died in the vietnam war. and team oracle is back on bay area waters today. but this time, they were
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capsizing on purpose. we'll show you coming up.
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we're learning more tonight about the unexpected resignation of cia director david petraeus. the retired general stepped down yesterday because of an extramarital affair. it was a breach of trust the
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general himself called unacceptable. nbc bay area's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> the sudden fall of cia chief david petraeus has washington asking how and why. and the woman suddenly in the spotlight, author paula broadwell, isn't saying. back in january, she was promoting her book on the general. >> he absolutely loves the agency, and i think it's a great place for him. >> broadwell, a west point graduate and arm reserve officer had close access to the cia director. federal agents are investigating whether she had access to his e-mails or computer. >> my understanding is that the fbi's investigation into what took place on computers there did not -- was not necessarily focused on him. they came by the information by accident. >> law enforcement and multiple u.s. sources tell nbc news that e-mails between general petraeus and paula broadwell were indicative of an aextramarital affair. nbc was unable to reach paula
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for a comment. in his resignation letter, the retired four-star general revealed had he "show extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair." sources tell nbc news that general petraeus is not under investigation. and that they don't expect their inquiry will result in criminal charges. petraeus was the man who turned around the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> he's a figure here that people respected. >> but an affair that could have been embarrassing for any other public servant proved to be a career ender for the man trusted to keep the nation's secrets. brian mooar is, nbc news, washington. >> and still to come at 5:00, remembering those who died serving this country. we'll show you the ground breaking today for a new bay area memorial. >> and showers slowly shutting down now across northern california. we saw a few actually south of san jose down around salinas and gilroy.
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in the see airs, snow still flying from highway 50 down toward yosemite and we'll let you know if rain and snow will impact the rest of the weekend when we come back.
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vietnam veterans in the south bay broke ground today on a memorial in honor of the men ho did not return home. the san jose vietnam war
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memorial will have the names of the 142 south bay men who were killed in action. the monument is located in guadalupe park across the street from hp pavilion. the project has deep personal meaning for many involved. >> we're absolutely ecstatic that this is being built. obviously, it's not about us. it's about the 142 heroes that are going on on this wall. we have guys on the wall that we grew up with, we went 0 high school with. >> organizers used private money for the project but are also raising funds to pay some of the bills and for upkeep. it is expected to be complete in about two months. >> volunteers handed out food and clothing to thousands of people in richmond today. every november, hill top church hosts the event called every day is a day of thanksgiving. anyone regardless of income was invited to come out for a hot meal this afternoon and to pick up something at the church's free market. last year, the event served about 2,000 people and
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organizers are expected to double that this year. >> we will quite frankly have outgrown this event in as up as this is the first year ta we decided to invest in a tent that would indicator the numbers of people that are coming in and out searching for a meal. >> volunteers work all year long to host the early thanksgiving. and hilltop church says it is already taking doe nations for next year. right now, regoing to check in with rob mayeda on the weather. it has been an absolutely crazy week. >> one extreme to the other. right now we're riding down through the jet stream with those temperatures dropping even by the daytime, with the sunshine, it was a cool one. upper 50s and a few low 60s outside right now. look at that, 56 in san francisco. mostly clear skies right now. we'll show you what the evening looks like in san francisco. and we've got mostly clear skies. around san francisco looking off to the north bay, we have those clear skies. there's a view right now.
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notice without the clouds overnight, that's the blanket we typically see that helps to keep our temperatures up. with the canadian dry air coming in, a chilly night for the bay area. not much wind out there. temperatures dipping into the low to mid 50s. i think we'll see mid 40s and upper 40s as cal takes on oregon coming up later on this evening. cool temperatures for that and notice the wind kind of northwest pumping in that drier air into the north bay. what was left of the showers shutting down now, we had a few around salinas this afternoon. but that's about it. we'll continue to see a few more snow showers here in the sierra. that too starting to shut down. boreal got enough snow to get things going again. that's nice. around yosemite, a few snow showers that will begin to wind down as we head into sunday. satellite view shows you the snow heading off to the rockies. high pressure leads to drying conditions for your sunday. but a cool day out at candle stick with the 49ers taking on the st. louis rams. low 60s.
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notice the clouds. mid and high level clouds coming in during the day tomorrow. not the rain-producing variety but some that will block out the sun at times. we move into monday and tuesday. we'll see showers maybe getting into the north bay. it's the chilly night we're watching for you in the north bay and east bay valleys. patchy fog lightly especially around santa rosa, napa. tomorrow's high, more 60s showing up in the forecast around san jose. heading into gilroy. should finish the day in the low to mid 60s. not a bad finish to the weekend. high clouds and filtered is sunshine for the north bay. low 60s for the afternoon. 58 in san francisco. low 60s in oakland. let's take a close look at the seven-day forecast. monday into tuesday, temperatures are coming up. but the rain line is going to be really close. i think for the north bay, sonoma county northward, sunday and monday you say meep a few
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showers. the system drops in right towards the bay area wednesday and thursday. the seven-day forecast, there's no roller coaster ride at all. pretty much in the same range temperature wise. we start to see opportunities for rain. every three days or so. looks like we're about to get into the pattern. wettest days of the week probably wednesday, thursday, into early friday and possibly cold enough for more snow. but not cold enough for hamilton snow like we just saw. >> thank you, rob. we are just getting word of an incident involving a plane from the bay area. here's a live picture of the runway at denver international airport. you can see it is wet there right now. we're learning that a southwest jet there apparently slid off the runway. it happened around two hours ago. no injuries were reported. the southwest jet had just taken off, had left oakland and was headed of course to denver when it slid off the runway. it was flight 1905 from oakland. landed about two hours ago, slid off the runway. apparently slick conditions there.
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again, we're told no injuries reported at this point. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. right now we're going to bring in henry wofford of comcast sports net for a look at what's going on in the world of sports. >> hello, diane. a lot of toobl to talk about. it's a pack 12 showdown on the farm as the cardinals host the beavers from oregon state. we'll have complete highlights. you don't want to miss them. very exciting all next in sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. we'll begin with fun on the farm where two nationally ranked teams battled till the final
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second. the stanford cardinals entered saturday's action 14th in the standings but had to slow down the oregon state beavers who are 11th in the bcs with just one loss on their record entering this game. let's find out exactly what went down. first quarter, 7-0 cardinals. clock winding down. kevin hogan, solid effort in his first collegiate start finds ryan hewitt for a 1-yard touch down. 14-0 standford. second quarter, second and three. tyronn ward will take care of things all by himself, fighting for the td, 14-7 stanford. 14-10 in the third until cody vaz, fires it to marcus wheaton for a 22 yard td. oregon state takes the lead. they're up by three. later logan connects with stefan taylor. how about 40 yards to the house. the big fellow dancing all the way across the goal line.
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good game. stanford within two. fourth quarter we go after cody vaz fumbles, stanford gets a chance to take over. hogan finds zack ernst, three tds for the qb. theup set 27-23. arizona state at number 19, usc. matt barkley and the trojans fighting for a rose bowl berth. intercepted by darby. 70 yards to the house. turnovers in this game, how about nine combined for these teams. third quarter, usc ahead, 21-17. curtis mcneal in for the injured silas. he wants more playing time. touch down. he added 163 yards rushing to his three tds. usc wins 3-17. what about 15th ranked texas a & m against the number one team in the country.
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al and what. aggies fourth quarter. yawney man zi io, connects with malcolm kennedy for the 24-yard td. am thinking upset. ensuing 'bama possession, a.j. mccarron hooks up with amare cooper. cooper trots across the goal line. 'bama down five with six minutes to play. last chance for the crimson tide. fourth and goal. not going to happen. mccarron is picked off in the end zone. aggies hang on to upset the number one team in the country. 29-24. okay. meanwhile the lakers may have handled business against the warriors friday night but the organization is still in flux after firing head coach mike brown yesterday following a 1-4 start to the season. but a familiar face is emerging as a top candidate to replace mike brown for the job. according to multiple reports, former lakers head coach and 11-time nba champion phil jackson has been offered the job as the next head coach for the
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team. 67-year-old who retired after the 2011 season met with team vice president jim buss this morning for preliminary talks. that would be very interesting. that will do it for now. back in the next hour with more from the x finity sportsdesk. >> thanks. and we'll be right back with a look at some incredible flying machines at at&t park and have an update on the southwest jet situation in denver.
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mccovey kobe is typically where giants fans gather. but today daredevils hoped to catch the mayor. check this out. this is the red bull flug tag show in san francisco. crash. human powered contraptions were launched off a tall bridge and into the chilly mccovey kobe water. >> it was awesome. amazing experience.
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i mean, i was going down. i lifted it up for the tail. i caught and the phone actually snapped. we flew back. i landed on the thing. i was going to go down with my ship. >> there's an america's cup connection to all of this, as well. among the flug tag participants, team oracle which used some of its wrecked million catamaran to make a contraption. an update now on the situation involving a plane from the bay area. here say live picture of the runway at denver international airport. you can see it's wet. rob tells me it's about 28 degrees there right now and snowing. apparent a southwest jet from oakland landed two hours ago when the sleet was turning to snow and as it was taxiing to the gate it slid off the runway. no injuries were reported. it was flight 1905 from oakland. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. nbc nightly news is next. we'll see you at 6:00. good night. on this saturday night, the stunning downfall of an american

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